Privacy Policy


The Policy
(1) This policy is part of the terms and conditions and policies when using this website and buying from us- please read our other terms and conditions and policies. You can find our information and email and contact details in our contact information section or by emailing us.

(2) The provision of the website and any purchases will be reliant on information provided by you, so you are responsible for ensuring that any information you provide is accurate, correct and up-to-date and in accordance with all our terms and conditions and policies.

(3) We use our best endeavours to keep your information secure, but refer you to your obligations of keeping username and password secure.

(4) If you have any queries about this policy or your information or you need any help, please email us.

(1) By using the Website and purchasing from us, you are specifically providing your consent to our use of cookies in accordance with this policy and to enable to use the information you provide (such as when you register or purchase). This will include information provided via any service provider.

(2) If you object, then please do NOT register with us nor use the website or purchase from it.

(3) When you give us information about another individual or organisation, it is on the basis that they have agreed to this and that you have the right to provide and use the information in this way.

Personal Information
(1) Unless you have entered into a separate agreement with us, then any personal information we hold will be used, for example, to identify you, fulfil orders, run the website and our business efficiently or for analysing and marketing purposes (including any third party services used). Unless agreed otherwise, personal information will only be used by us and our subsidiary or parent companies and selected third parties, including those who perform services for us/on our behalf.

(2) You will be sent updates and information communications (for example about new services or offers). You can opt in or out of receiving this by emailing us

Non-Personal Information
(1) When you use the website, some information is also automatically logged and stored. However, this information does not identify you personally. We use this aggregate information to analyse behaviour relating to the website generally. We may also share aggregate information with selected third parties, but we do not disclose your personal information.

(2) We use your IP address to help to identify you and to gather broad demographic information, help to diagnose problems with our server, and to administer the website and for security reasons, such as fraud detection.

(1) As with most other websites, we do use cookies which are files that web browsers place on a computer’s hard drive or in memory and which we use to – help us to distinguish visitors and identify whether you have used the website previously, so that we can understand your browsing habits and make the experience as meaningful to you personally as is possible and to improve the Website – deal with the administration of the Website, to analyse and compile statistics about its use (e.g. how many users/visitors and what they used) and to improve it. They are not used to read data from any hard drive, and cannot retrieve information from any other cookies created by other Websites.

(2) Standing alone, cookies do not identify you personally but merely recognise your browser. Unless you choose to identify yourself, for example by registering with us, then you remain anonymous to us. Cookies come in two types: session-based and persistent:
(i) Session cookies exist during an internet session. They disappear from your computer when you close your browser software or turn off your computer.
(ii) Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you have closed your browser or turned off your computer. They include such information as a unique identifier for your browser. We use persistent cookies that only we can read and use, to identify the fact that you are a website user or prior website user (as the case may be) and to track your use. We take care with security and confidentiality of information stored in persistent cookies. These cookies expire after 6 months.

(3) Some cookies are essential for parts of the website to operate and have already been set. You may be able to delete and block cookies from the website but that means that some parts of the website will not work. For information on blocking cookies refer to the instructions on your Browser which is often located under the “Tools” section. Help is also available at

(4) You can delete any cookies on your computer by referring to the instructions for your file management software and/or settings to locate the file or directory that stores cookies and delete it. Help is also available at

(5) You can find information about the cookies we use in the Cookies We Use Section.

Third Parties and Associates
(1) If you visit the website via a website operated by a third party, or you have registered with that third party, then certain information about you that you have provided to them may be transmitted to us. You should review the privacy policy of the website from which you reached our website in order to determine what information was collected and how you agreed that the associate could use that information. We may or may not retain that information; if we do, then we will only use it in accordance with our privacy policy, regardless of any third party policy.

(2) If you reach the website through a third party and you choose to register with us, we may be required to give the third party some or all of your registration information. We will only do so in accordance with this policy, but we cannot control how the third party uses the information. Please review the third party’s privacy policy before providing information to us. You can ensure that the personal information you provide to us is not shared with any third parties (except in accordance with this policy), by visiting us directly instead of through one of our associates.

Changing and viewing information
(1) You can change any information you provide to us by emailing us.

(2) You are entitled to ask for a copy of your information (for which we may charge a small fee) and please email us. However, we will only send this information to the current email address which we hold for you, unless you send us your full postal address and request that we send the information to you at your postal address (and we are able to verify the validity of this address).

(1) If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or your information, please email us

(2) We aim to respond to any queries within 7 working days.

This section contains some suggestions which may apply. You will need to discuss what cookies are used with your web developer.

Cookie Name Type of Cookie What the Cookie Does
PHPSESSID Session This cookie is required to keep track of your information once you are logged in. It creates a unique identification number when you login, that can be queried by our website to display relevant information. This cookie contains no personally identifiable information, although it will temporarily relate to information stored on our servers. This unique identifier created by this cookie will expire (and therefore no longer relate to information stored on our servers) when you log out or the logged in account has remained inactive for a certain period of time. This cookie is required for core functionality of the website and should not be disabled if you intend to make an account or purchase from this website

__atuvc Persistent The _atuvc cookie is created and read by the AddThis social sharing site JavaScript on the client side in order to make sure the user sees the updated count if they share a page and return to it before our share count cache is updated. No data from that cookie is sent back to AddThis and removing it when disabling cookies would cause unexpected behavior for users.

currency Persistent This cookie remembers which language you have chosen to use on our website, or the default language which is English.

language Persistent This cookie remembers which currency you have chosen to use on our website, or the default currency which is GBP (£).